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Childbirth Education Classes

I have started a Childbirth Education Class with another fabulous doula and friend, Holls! Together we combine two different techniques & birth outlooks with the physiology of birth to bring you a full, holistic approach to birth education and planning. Our first-ever class will have up to 20 families and will start on February fifth and last 6 weeks!

Holistic Approach to Education


We go over nutrition, exercise, normal symptoms, and so much more to prepare you for every phase your body goes through to make your sweet baby.


How do you know labor has started? When should you go to your birth location? How do you deal with the pain? We spill all the birthing secrets you won't hear in your doctor's office.


Being a new parent is beautiful and magical and HARD. We'll give you everything from newborn tips to breastfeeding to what you can do now to prepare yourself and your family for your new baby.

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